Tuesday, October 25, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Don't forget--the Real Original Ray's closes this weekend. [Gothamist]

Tonight at St. Mark's Books: Reverend Jen and Jonathan Ames read and sign books at 7pm. [FB]

10/27: A lecture on Yiddish theater by David Freeland. [GVSHP]

Mars Bar the movie by Jonas Mekas. [EVG] & [OMFS]

Masks at the new Village Paper "Halloween Party Store" on 8th St:

Does your building need a tiny bedbug hotel? [NYO]

The former Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge gets wrapped in glass. [BSr]

Bloomberg sees the silver lining--OWS is a tourist attraction. [CNY]

More on those OWS Citibank arrests. [NYO]

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Crazy Eddie said...

OSW as a Tourist attraction-Michael Bloomberg and Willard(Mitt) Romney. Separated at birth?