Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harry Chong (Again)


A reader in the Village spotted a FOR RENT sign in the window of the former Harry Chong Chinese laundry, now the Snip N Sip hair salon, and it looks like Snip N Sip is getting snipped in half.

The reader writes: "I asked the retro hairdresser next door what's up. He said he is staying but giving up the former Chinese laundry space. He said that he hopes whoever comes in keeps the 'Harry Chong' lettering on the windows. When I expressed skepticism that would happen, he added that the landlord would like the sign to stay too! I found this surprising as well as ironic if the landlord is the same one who doubled the rent which put them out of business."

gothamistllc's flickr, 2005

In 2006, Harry Chong was forced to close after 60 years on this corner. Locals called the Chinese hand laundry a "landmark"--photographers took its picture and painters painted it. They worried what would come to the spot, like a Starbucks or a Keith McNally restaurant, as reported in the Villager at the time. Instead, it became part of the hair salon, with prices from $80 - $180.

The salon opted to keep the HARRY CHONG lettering, while removing the words LAUNDRY and DRY-CLEAN.

Piro Patton, flickr, 2006

More vanished Chinese laundries:


JAZ said...


Take a look at the Post today. There's a story from Rich Calder that says 7 of the Coney boardwalk businesses might be staying because the deal Zamperla thought they had with the Miami Beach group to operate the new shopping mall eateries is falling apart.

Looks like Ruby's and Paul's Daughter among others might be staying. I really pray this is true.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks JAZ--that would be a miracle!

Marty Wombacher said...

Here's a link to the post story JAZ posted about. The closing party on the 29th might be a re-opening party! I am so hoping this happens!

Anonymous said...

where exactly is "harry chong"? please put the locations on the posts. i think it was on bleecker street? or near by? also what is the new laundry trend in NYC? if the hand laundries are closing, what do people do?

lauran said...

anon 2:58. im sure "hand laundry" (these days) means that someone irons the clothes by hand. im sure they are machine washed but the stains are pre soaked, rubbed w/a little soap & water. maybe a bit of bleach in some of the washings. we had a chinese laundry where i grew up. corner of east 16th street & ave j in brooklyn. my father had his shirts done there. maybe the old fashioned way as it was 50 plus yrs ago. NO one does their own business shirts. ok yes they also did "starch" it was my job to bring the shirts, say NO starch" & pick them up. yes in manhattan, we did bring our wash to the basement. i suppose the JVNY fans are not in the "white collar" professions, where men & sometimes women need a fresh shirt several times a week. from anon 2:07

Marcel Albet Guinart said...

Harry Chong, when I visited NY for second time in 2008 discover Harry Chong, I photographet it, now is missing. Its a pity

laura said...

still we dont have harry chongs location. i assume its in the west village? laundries these days are vanishing before out eyes.