Monday, October 3, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Breaking: After the original Fat Black Pussycat got painted over by Panchito's, now the current Fat Black Pussycat is getting its face demolished. Ken Mac has the story and more photos:

Ken Mac

The great Hinsch's of Bay Ridge has suddenly closed. As usual, the landlord raised the rent. 63 years in business and that's that. [LC]

Looking back on the photography of Bob Arihood. [EVG]

Cellphone repellent--for those nasty cell-phoners coming to your subway. [Restless]

Vanished neighborhoods live on (sort of) on Facebook. [NYT]

Photos of Coney Island in the 1970s. [ATZ]

Remembering Slug's of E. 3rd. [OMFS]

What's it like having Jennifer Aniston as your neighbor? [CNY]

Stumbling on a century-old sidewalk compass. [FNY]

from my flickr

The Radiohead hoax was to get more people down to Occupy Wall Street. [Gothamist]

Perusing the real-book library at Occupy Wall Street. No Kindles there. [NYr]

Occupied Wall Street Journal occupies Village Voice boxes. [RS]

Who makes up Occupy Wall Street? By the numbers. [NYM]


Ken Mac said...

Jeremiah, the Fat Black Pussycat is destroying its 70s year old facade as I write.

Little Earthquake said...

Radiohead = hipster bait.