Friday, October 14, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Coming soon to a bike shop near you, free stickers from street etiquette artist Jason Shelowitz--made for sticking on cars and perfect for stirring up the bike-lane agita: "Please look out for cyclists before swinging door open."

photo: Jay Shells

Where will Mama and Papa Burger go once they're evicted from the Coney Island Boardwalk? [ATZ]

Tonight at MOMA: Joe Dante's 1968 Movie Orgy is coming--originally screened at the Fillmore East. [TFH]

Check out Every Night in Drag--Linda Simpson's vintage '80s and '90s photos of NYC's drag scene. [LS]

LES thieves get wise to the cluelessness of people who leave their stuff unattended. [EVG]

Bloomberg backs off evicting the Occupation of Wall Street. For now. [Gothamist]

New York's "new low." [SLR]

Shepard Fairey designs the Times Square Occupation invitation [WNYC]:

Visit Occupation Party


Casey said...

Wild horses couldn't keep me from the Movie Orgy!!

Anonymous said...

Shepard Fairey is so corny and predictable. Who the hell has afros anymore? How about reflecting current times instead of recycled rehashed nostalgic propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Keep Shep Fairey away from OWS, he's the definition of triteness.