Wednesday, May 27, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Notes from the Backside gets matrixed! Well, sort of. In this week's New York Approval Matrix, the Cooper Square Hotel's closeness with its neighbors has been deemed "Despicable":

A new blog in town checks out some cool rusty stuff at Pier 54. [RB]

The spirit of P&G still alive. Says the owner: "I’m going on a moral crusade against shake-shack. Why do people wait an hour in line for a burger?" [NYB] via Curbed

"Remember the Woody Allen of the seventies, the guy who several generations of New Yorkers decided was the comedic poet laureate of their era of the city? ...Whatever Works is, in essence, the missing movie from that period." [NYM]

Christopher Street bear bar The Dugout inexplicably becomes Ramrod--but is the original classic really back? And, more importantly, are the (NSFW) porno walls still present? [JMG]

Scant reminders of the old Tribeca. [GVDP]

St. Brigid's scaffolding comes down but the old gal's not looking so good. [EVG]

Grieve finds a fan in supporters of no-doggie laws. [CR]

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Anonymous said...

I was told that when Pier 54 was an actual pier, not a remnant, it's interior contained a beautiful wrought iron staircase.