Friday, May 15, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Striking a blow against rampant Vongerichtification, Village neighbors vandalize Beatrice Inn--tired of loudmouth "Eurotrash"! [Eater]

eater photo

More on the Tompkins Square Park beatings that no mainstream media journalist has yet to acknowledge. [NMNL]

Eater points us to the LES Forum, where the sentiment about loudmouth bars and "crazy no-bar people" is: "Looks like the peace and quiet crowd has mobilized. Now is the time for those who represent the future to do so, shouting them down at every turn. Let fun rule." Disagree? Join the Forum.

That smoke you smelled last night? It was a fire in Chinatown. The intrepid Bowery Boogie has the scoop and the morning aftermath. [BB]

...and the Hong Kong Supermarket that burned--BaHa was there last year, "noodling around." [SE]

The new P&G has opened. As for the neon sign, Adam Sandler, put away your million--"'We hope to have the corner crown of the old P&G sign up in the new location," said the senior Mr. Chahalis... As for the beloved neon martini glass on the old sign, Steve Chahalis said, 'We may mount it on the wall inside the bar--presented like a work of art.'" [DJ]

As another XXX DVD shop closes, a tally of Times Square's adult survivors. [EVG]

Brooklyn 11211 gives a rebuttal to my Franklin Street post, and offers a Jane Jacobs vision. [B11211]

Another Manhattan Starbucks has fallen! [Eater]

Watch the Dance Parade tomorrow.


Barbara L. Hanson said...

Oh my GOD, that's Hong Kong Supermarket, one of my favorite places. Wrote about it a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

The Dance Parade is on Saturday, not Sunday.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks--fixed it

Jeremiah Moss said...

baha, got a link?

Barbara L. Hanson said...

Alex in NYC said...

As someone who lives on University Place, words simply cannot express my disdain for the Dance Parade. It is a scourge. I hope the heavens open up and fire rains down.

Melanie said...

Sorry about the fire. Was a great place.
Check out my coverage/photos of The Dance Parade on Saturday at Tompkins.

Jill said...

What's the problem with the Dance Parade? It was really wonderful, with a small town charm, homemade floats and spontaneous dancing. I loved having all that color bouncing through the neighborhood.