Monday, May 11, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

More and more people are catching on to the bright side of this recession. In New York, Jennifer Senior writes about how the money-crazed days made people into anti-social, unempathic, well, yunnies. On a psychologist's experiments: "Just thinking about money made her subjects less likely to help strangers struggling with their belongings. Just handling money made her subjects less sensitive to physical pain." [NYM]

The collapsed building on 14th I reported on last week has now been completely stripped of its facade. You can see into people's bedrooms. At the building's feet, the klieg lights and wires from the accursed Sorcerer's Apprentice. (Curbed has the update with more pics):

Young men are wilding in Tompkins Square Park--one young woman is dead. [NMNL]

Not everyone's excited that Love Saves the Day is becoming yet another ramen place. [EVG]

A fantastic chance to catch up with the ladies who were once Miss Subways. [Gothamist]

Neighbors fight to save the mosaic that has graced 88 Perry Street since 1972. [Flickr]

me-myself-i's flickr

Alex wrestles with the meaning of a world in which CBGB and John Varvatos t-shirts co-exist. [FP]

Ken gives us reasons to go to Hoboken. [GVDP]

On the street in Greenpoint, two perfect candidates for the wonderful Museum of Bad Art. Words do no justice, just feast your eyes...and before you ask, yes, that is a woman with a uni-boob wrapped in an actual hot-pink mesh thong:

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