Thursday, May 14, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

1975 mural vanishes from Delancey Street. [BB]

Take a walk down Memory Lane, back when the East Village still had certain cobbler shops and butcher shops, CBGB was not Varvatos, and condos were yet to come--way, way back in the distant bygone year of...2007. [EVG]

Gaze at the stars on Manny's walls. [GVDP]

A "living museum of sad stories" remains on the Bowery--but this flophouse's owner, hotelier Sam Chang, asks the city for a "hardship provision." [NYT]

In this age of "bleakonomics," is the suit dead? "What has landed on the slag heap of style is the old three-button power suit: slickly conservative, oversize and overpriced." [NYT]

Check out Joel Kotkin's, "The Luxury City vs. The Middle Class." [via Bstoner]

In Bloom York City (run like a corporation), Lehman investment banker now in charge of housing the poor. [Gothamist]

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Barbara L. Hanson said...

I haven't been active in politics since ACT-UP, but I think I might have to fight against the scourge that is Bloomberg. I encourage anyone reading your blog to do the same.