Wednesday, May 20, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Sad news for Park Slope--the venerable, 38-year-old Record & Tape Center evicted. [BP]

photo: my flickr

The Bowery hotel I didn't think was coming--is coming. [EVG]

The groper of Ave A puts on her wings and flies away. [NMNL]

The yunnipocalypse strikes LA: "The trendonistas still flock to Barneys, but it’s just to eat lunch and buy a lipstick." [NYT]

NY Post preps to steal another scoop from the Shitty. [NYS]

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Abercrombie & Bitch is nothing but a casting call. I'm much too old to wear anything with a moose emblazoned on it, but it's always a good laugh to observe the staff standing at their store entrance in the mall.

Here's a video for a good chuckle: