Wednesday, May 6, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Anti-overdevelopment street art about "architectural disaster" a new trend? [Curbed]

Nothing says "Mother's Day" like swine-flu hysteria:

Get a colorful inside look at life on the Bowery from 1969-1989. [EVG]

Another writer visits the cherry blossoms with their many attendant cameras and is "unbothered by the crowds," feeling like Georges Seurat on La Grande Jatte--a modern-day version of this painting would include a plethora of technology. [NYT]

Reverend Billy for mayor: "it was everyone's dislike for banks and frozen yogurt which caused the applause." [SG]

In a crashing economy, the Real Housewives of Jersey pay cash for their extravagance. [NYT]

In a time when more and more New Yorkers can't make the rent, rents are going up. [Curbed]

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