Tuesday, May 12, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

A wilding gang is beating people in Tompkins Square Park. One 26-year-old woman, after being beaten with bottles and sticks, went home and died. If Lesia Pupshaw had been a banker, stumbling home to her condo drunk and high on coke, it would be called a murder, not an overdose. And you would have read about her by now in the New York Times. But she was a heroin user and a "crusty" kid. So you haven't. Thankfully, we have Bob Arihood. [NMNL]

image from Village Voice, 2000

The just-vanished Chelsea Court Meat Market is being replaced by another meat market. Amazingly, a new butcher shop is coming to this spot, Knickerbocker Meat of the Bronx. (Thanks to the tipsters for this one.):

The New Yorker visits the ever-vanishing Music Row to say goodbye to Manny's. [NYer]

Why I avoid my local F station like the plague between 5 and 7pm on weekdays. [EVG]

Get ready to have your heart warmed: A mother's lost diary from 1939 turns up at the Strand's bargain rack, and the good folks at Freebird Books Google its way back to the son it was intended for. [FBB]

Find out why Sinatra loved Patsy's restaurant. [CR]

In the New Yorker poem "Bleecker Street," Philip Schultz wonders if:
"Perhaps these three Chinese girls
giggling into cell phones, lavishly spending
each moment of their youth, truly believe
the mountain of self has no top
and each breath is a reckoning with fate?
Perhaps these shiny boutiques, each
so resolute, so eager to please, are weary
of decorating the illusions of another century..."


Bowery Boogie said...

good point on the "wilding" comment, VNY. it's upsetting the story hasn't really broken outside the 'hood.

EV Grieve said...

I'd like to second the "Thankfully, we have Bob Arihood" statement. His detailed accounts are essential reading.

Lisa V. said...

RIP Lesia. You were a very sweet girl & you are in our hearts & thoughts always. You have not & never will be forgotten. We are so sorry that so many bad circumstances made you feel that living in Tompinks Square Park & abusing drugs was your best option. We love & miss you sweet girl. Love, Bianca & Lisa (Bianca's mom). Posted 5-9-13.