Thursday, May 21, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

"It felt great to be in a room where I felt people matched up with how I look and act, and are ahead of the game...I even had a guy tell me outside the bathroom, 'You’re a good looking dude.'" [DBTH]
Checking in with Frank O'Hara's place, the scaffolding is up and the demolition has begun:

Another stabbing makes Greenwich Village officially a "sketchy" part of town. [Gothamist]

Enjoy a cavalcade of vanishing ads. [FNY]

Just because Washington Square Park looks "nice and pretty," doesn't mean it was all good. [WSP]

Why I love Fleet Week: I keep hoping those sailors in Times Square will break into song... [P&W]

A close-up look at the wonderful creatures carved into Bethesda's staircase. [SNY]

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Ken Mac said...

there are so many lowlifes regularly prowling west fourth. Where the heck are the freaking cops???