Thursday, May 15, 2008

Neurotics vs. Narcissists

Smackdown! It's the neurotics vs. the narcissists as two of my favorite celebs, Woody Allen and Larry David, take over the East Village and Lower East Side for Allen's new movie.

See lots more photos by Lorcan Otway

They're at Cafe Mogador. They're at Yonah Schimmel's. They're everywhere! But can this follicly challenged dynamic duo from old-school New York take back the city for the rest of us neurotics?

Or will we lose it forever to the always-a-good-hair-day narcissists who, with the Sex and the City movie juggernaut on their side, aim to make "Lower East-Packing" the site of their "next douchey makeover"?

The tide might be turning as psychoanalysis gets a rennaissance and more and more New Yorkers complain about the deleterious effects of too much SATC.

Go Woody! Go Larry! Yay team!

(And before anybody helpfully informs me that Woody and Larry, like all celebs, are narcissistic, let me say that everybody's narcissistic to some degree--it's good to have healthy narcissism. Again, I am talking about the personality disorder, which is different. For more info, see Yunnies.)

  • See Time Out's guide to hating Sex and the City on more douchification: "With the ladies of SATC came careening tour buses, gaggles of fratboys puking outside Hogs & Heifers and rows of women linked at the elbows mowing down pedestrians."


Joshua said...

So SUDDENLY, Time Out NY, too, has a problem with SATC's culture of glamorous entitlement? Who's next, Cosmopolitan?
Like I said, Jerry--The rats fleeing the ship.

Anonymous said...

Wait till NY Mag runs a cover article on the city being ruined by SIT's (Sluts In Training)! I'm sure they're jealous that you've one-upped on this. BTW, today's Times has article on FL condo mess. Glad that can't happen in NY. NY landlords are too altruistic for that implosion.

Anonymous said...

Holly Golightly once said something like, "There's a certain shade of limelight that hurts a girl's complexion." J, I think you turned that limelight on a certain quartet of hormone arrangements!

Anonymous said...

It just dawned on me: MePa is not devoid of transvestites as long as the SATC wanna-be's flood the area. Granted, they're not on a par with the crack addicted, horse shooting originals but nothing's perfect.

Jeremiah Moss said...

don't insult transgender people by likening them to SATC-wannabe's!

Anonymous said...

True, true no insult intended.

Anonymous said...

Watching video of SJP deflowering a cupcake was tantamount to seeing a vampire's first kiss. Note: she talks with her mouth full; isn't that considered ill mannered? Bet some yunnie is hawking those crumbs on eBay. If not, the roaches and rats are having their own SATC moment!