Monday, May 21, 2012

The New McHale's

Last week we heard the rumor that a new McHale's bar was coming back from the vanished. A tipster spoke to the owner who claimed he'd bought the name and that Jimmy McHale himself would be there once a week, along with the chef from the former McHale's.

Then we learned, from someone who spoke to Jimmy, that Mr. McHale has nothing to do with the new McHale's, which is coming from the owners of Playwright's Tavern.

Now Fat Al sends in a shot of the place:

The name might be the same, but the feeling?

The Real McHale's?
McHale's Redux


Fat Al said...

Ugh. It's all so frustrating. I walk by it every day. If they had just called it something else I would've been happy for a bar to show up on that relatively Godforsaken block (with due respect to the megachurch resident there). But they really shouldn't have called it McHale's.



Ken Mac said...

It's that good old generic feeling!

randall said...

@ Ken Mac

You mean I'll take "Irish Bar" model number 3b.

Mitch said...

I have to say I don't understand all the negativity on JVNY and on Lost City regarding this place. The new owners aren't responsible for shutting down the original McHales. They made no promises that the new place would be like the old one. I am as frustrated as anyone else that the original was destroyed, but why take it out on these guys?

Presumably, they named the new place after the old one because they have the same positive feelings about it as I do. If we're lucky, maybe this place will be a bar I want to visit as well - not the same, but at least desirable.

laura said...

i cant remember the original one. but this one looks very very nice. come on, theres so much to complain about. this photo looks like it could be from 100 yrs back.

Marty Wombacher said...

Cookie cutter bar alert!