Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nusraty Moves Again

In 2008, after 30 years in its location on Bleecker Street, Nusraty Afghan Imports was ousted by a skyrocketing rent that shot to $45,000 a month. A Brooks Brothers store moved in, adding to the lightning-fast luxury mallification of western Bleecker, and Mr. Nusraty moved his store to West 10th Street.

Now Nusraty is moving again.

Abdul Nusraty wrote in: "We're relocating our store one block away from our original Bleecker St. and West 10th location. New store will be located between Christopher St. and 6th Ave., only a few steps from Bleecker. We're having a 50% MOVING SALE beginning Saturday May 5th at our current store location on West 10th St. Sale ends May 13th. 85 Christopher St. ...... COMING SOON!"

A reader sent in these pictures and chatted with Mr. Nusraty: "Next to him, the pet supply store went out of business last week [that was Pet Palace], but does not appear to be the same landlord. He also mentioned that the sushi place around the corner on Greenwich had suddenly closed. He talked about some strange goings on with the landlord."

At the end of this little block, Village Paper is about to become a trendy restaurant with a roof farm.

Nusraty Afghan Imports
Nusraty Reopens

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marjorie said...

I'm easily distracted...but dang, that chair is the coolest thing I have ever seen!

Best of luck to Mr Nasraty in his new location.