Monday, May 14, 2012

Jacobs Attack T Re-T'd

The Kidult and Marc Jacobs story goes on (apologies: I can't seem to get enough of it). A tipster here first broke the news last Tuesday morning that a Marc Jacobs store in Soho had been hit with hot-pink graffiti. Jacobs then turned graffitist Kidult's anti-corporate assault around by printing the image on t-shirts selling for $698. Some speculated that Kidult had collaborated with Jacobs, others say Jacobs made the shirt to get revenge on Kidult. It's hard to tell what's what.

My original tipster went back to the scene of the crime and checked out that t-shirt to see if it was real or another joke. It's real. It's on a mannequin in the store window and on another right up front. The tipster sends in some photos and writes, "It's so cheaply made, like an iron-on stuck to a crappy t-shirt. The cotton is really thin."

With a shirt that seems so hastily put together, my tipster concludes, there's no way Jacobs was in on the graffiti bombing. "If this had been planned, the shirt would've been higher quality. Is anyone dumb enough to spend $698 on this thing?" Yes, reported Gothamist, someone was dumb enough.

And someone else is taking the consumerist joke one step further into meta-fictionality (or meta-reality, or meta-something). Tumblr blog Wilfry has printed the Jacobs t-shirt on another t-shirt and will be selling those for $35 each.


I've asked Kidult what his next move will be, and have yet to get a response. I keep wondering: What if he chose a word that no one would want on a t-shirt? What if the whole city was painted in words that disturb? What if the street artists took back the landscape? Can the Broken Windows Theory be reversed? Or will it all end up on $700 designer t-shirts?

Marc Jacobs Attacked
Marc Jacobs Attack T
More Jane, Less Marc
The Future is Marc


Ms. said...

Like all consumer capital, this one will be replicated and renewed in perpetuity till it hits the 99 cent stores for $1.99, and the rag sellers of Mumbai for a song.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Mwahaha - Wilfry, you're a genius!

Anonymous said...

this bombing would have been more effective as a critique if Kidult had included an "F" in front... much harder to re-appropriate that one, even for Mark Jacobs. - BN

Uncle Waltie said...

I buy my t-shirts at the 99 cents store on First Avenue. Usually get three for $ 5.98 - and they're always black.

Marty Wombacher said...

According to Gothamist a sales person there said they they sold one of those horrible shirts. I have a feeling that's a lie, I think someone's FABRICating the truth there. Oof, sorry about that!

mch said...

"Women do get weary, wearing the same shabby dress." Funny thing, "fashion." All the labor, every step of the way, of textiles, all the brilliance of human imagination textiles have always excited. And "fashion" still captures some of that, sometimes. But barely. And not here.

laura said...

people will buy. keep me informed. andy w would love this. after all the soup can was a joke. & social commentary. mark should sign them limited editions, raise the price. oh, i better stop giving him ideas.

Anonymous said...

A painting of a shirt of a shirt of that grafitti.