Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sun Shine Cafe

Reader Andrew writes in:

"Not sure if you noticed or have heard anything from around the neighborhood/blogosphere about the Sun Shine Cafe (the Chinese bakery) at 201 Allen street? It's been closed for a few weeks now and last time I passed by most of the interior has been cleared out, the glass door had been removed (the roll down gate was still down) and the word 'shine' had been removed from the awning.

It was nice not having to schlep all the way to Chinatown just to get a couple roast pork bun for a cheap lunch, I'm hoping they're just renovating or rebranding and will reopen soon."

photo: Robert Chin

I gave Sun Shine a call, but there number has been disconnected. Has anybody heard what might be happening here?



Karen Gehres said...

I don't know but the guy that normally works at that Allen St. bakery started working at the one on Essex & Delancey. I'll ask him (I'm a regular).

Ms. said...

hope it returns anew!
Meanwhile-re Lakeside Lounge from the Paris Review:

Anonymous said...

I love this place too despite its very limited hours. I had an almond roll there not 2 weeks ago. Your post is the first I've heard of it's closing. I'll pray for a comeback too.

Karen said...

Sad to say,the girl that now works at Sun on Essex and use to work at Sunshine told me it's closed forever. They lost their lease because they couldn't afford the new rent increase. She said it was a huge increase. She also said because there is no more City Hall service (the bus stop is right in front of Sunshine) business was bad anyway. They took a big hit with no City Hall service. People waiting for the bus would buy goodies while they were waiting.