Monday, May 7, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

The Pink Tea Cup has been a nomad since its closure in 2010--and now it's moving to 6th Avenue near 14th Street, with a comical new look:

Another record store departs the East Village as Norman's Sound and Vision heads to Williamsburg. [FP]

A high-rise tower is coming to little Jam's old spot on 14th and 3rd. [EVG]

A guide to the city's oldest pizzerias. [Eater]

East 4th to get a new hotel tower. [Curbed]

...because we really need more friggin' hotels. [TC]

Amtrak's ticket punchers to be replaced by iPhones. Another death for solid objects. [Gothamist]

Help preserve the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grotto in Rosebank, Staten Island. [CIAI]

Rich New York ladies are going bonkers at the gym. [Racked]

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Anonymous said...

Being able to scan with a smartphone is one of its better uses. You don't have to worry about the physical ticket falling out of your pocket, getting stuck to something you throw away, etc. It saves paper and limits waste. Plus, you don't have to stand on line and wait to print tickets.