Wednesday, May 2, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

Alert robbers: The High Line is easy pickins. People "leave their briefcases, their phones, their iPads, and in some cases people have walked away from their baby carriages, with the babies in there!" [NYM]

And Hell's Kitchen is a pickpocket's dream come true--people don't bother zipping their backpacks. [DNA]

The faces of May Day. [NYM]

The Times follows up on the passing of Fred Hakim, Mr. Grand Luncheonette. [NYT]

Check out the latest Walker in the City--a search for rubber gaskets. [WIC]

Taking a dip into the Municipal Archives shots of the Lower East Side. [EVG]

A look at the Chelsea Hotel's signage. [NYN]

Vote for the Coney Island B&B Carousell to win funding. [CIH]


randall said...

Isn't Hell's Kitchen called something lame like Clinton now? I remember some guy telling me he lived in Clinton and I was like where the fuck is that?

tiny tim said...

I think the Time's obit is a great tribute not only for Mr. Hakim, but for the City as well. These two lines in particular really sum up the sentiment of what is going on? And without getting into the large cultural shift on hand where everyone want's to be a celebrity and everyone thinks they're entitled to everything, the natural question is,

“Where are the people who just want a hot dog and a knish?”

And, as we become more and more "connected" yet more and more phyically isolated from one another, what we are lacking is a love of the ordinary. A world where you can walk into a store and get rubber gaskets for a machine that won't work without it or just a love for the

“The regular people, the shady people with rolls of dollar bills they peeled off. They were all his friends.”

But for some reason the powers that move the world teach folks to be afraid of the regular people.

I feel sad for the world.