Monday, May 7, 2012

Blaustein Hardware

Remarkably, the recently shuttered World of Video, on Greenwich Avenue is not going to become a 7-11 or a Marc Jacobs boutique. It's going to be the new home of Blaustein Hardware.

"We're a bigger and better location," says the Blaustein site. Blaustein has been in business in Greenwich Village since 1936.

photo from Jenni

And in case you thought your Netflix subscription was the culprit behind World of Video's closure, the manager wrote in to The Villager to make it clear what it was that shut them down:

To The Editor:
Re “Streaming killed the video star” (“Scoopy’s Notebook,” March 22):

Just to clarify, while streaming videos were a drain on business at the World of Video, the main problem was someone bought our lease. We do have a dedicated group of customers, and if there was a possibility of us moving somewhere with affordable rent, we would do so, and our customers would follow us.

Sean Gallagher
manager, World of Video


Ken Mac said...

Blaustein hasn't stepped foot in Blausteins' for years, but a great local hardware store just the same..

Marty Wombacher said...

Nice to see a local business moving in there.

Anonymous said...

Why bother shopping there when GARBER'S HARDWARE is just around the corner?