Friday, May 18, 2012

Dreams of the Vanishing New York

Against my better judgment, I have started another blog: "Dreams of the Vanishing New York."

I had noticed that many readers of this blog were reporting dreams about the lost city. In emails, comments, and Facebook messages, these dreams kept floating in. I also regularly have these dreams. I started posting them to the blog around March, back-dating old dreams I had written down elsewhere, and asked readers via Facebook to send in new ones.

A place to gather dreams about the vanishing city, "Dreams of the Vanishing New York" provides a view into the city's collective unconscious.

If you have a dream about lost New York places, people, and things, or about anxieties and wishes for what could be lost or regained, please send it to me at jeremoss [at] yahoo [dot] com. Include plenty of detail, along with any name (or Anon) you might want to be credited by. I will gently edit them.

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