Thursday, August 11, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The P&G has closed earlier than expected. Writes a tipster: "last night the P&G closed its doors forever. They had planned to have a big blowout farewell weekend. Unfortunately, that was not to be, and Holiday informed all of us that last night ended up being its swan song."

I love these anti-texting t-shirts. [LUST] via [Racked]

Cat fashion show
at the Algonquin! [Gothamist]

Olek hits Chelsea with her crochet street art. [BB]

Where to find the cheapest beer in the EV. [EVG]

This Saturday, check out Stephanie Gray's poetry and super-8 films of vanished NYC, including lost bakeries like Zito's, Jon Vie, and Gertel's. [AP]


Katrink said...

Love the t-shirts! But of course the texters won't notice them. My revenge is to yell "HEADS UP!" when they get too close and bask in the stinkeye they give me.

JAZ said...

RE: Subway Parties - there seem to be an endless number of 'creative class' types who have an overwhelming desire for attention, and aren't afraid to tap out that trust fund in order to satisfy their infantile impulses. These are the spoiled sons and daughters of Gentrification.

Alas, poor Williamsburg! I knew him pre 2002, Horatio.

Anonymous said...

Subway parties? What the fuck?

Another example of how the current 20-somethings just don't get why NYC exists. This is, or excuse me, used to be, a sophisticated place that took you away from whimsical frat bullshit performed by throngs of clueless white children of privilege. "Gee-whiz, let's move to New York and turn a subway car into a Dave and Busters for a minute. How neat, hee-hee".

maximum bob said...

Heh heh..."This video has been removed by the douchebag"
Somebody has thin skin.