Thursday, August 25, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Jason Shelowitz (aka Jay Shells) offers a sneak peek of his latest urban etiquette street-art project--heads up texting zombies!

In Bed-Stuy: "This is not the kind of neighborhood people like us move into." [NYT]

Mmmm...the urban jungles of the Flower District. [SNY]

8/26: Take a walking tour with Greenlight Books and Literary Brooklyn author Evan Hughes. [FB]

Bottled Brooklyn sells "vegan-friendly" test-tubes full of Brooklyn dirt--for $24. [BB]

More on how the deal was done to sell the Chelsea. [CN]

Why 316 E. 3rd must be saved. [EVG] & [OTG]

Remembering The Dom. [ENY]

Greenwich Village poet Samuel Menashe has died [NYT]. He was someone I once knew in another life, long ago. This is the poem of his I remember best:

Here and there
White hairs appear
On my chest—
Age seasons me
Gives me zest—
I am a sage
In the making
Sprinkled, shaking


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Everyone should get over to the flower district before it's gone. I used to have the pleasure of walking to work through there around 7am each morning when the traffic was light, but the flower stalls were bustling. What a wonderful way to start the day! And, the scent of flowers and plants is something to behold in such an urban setting. There's so little left now...

TyN said...

A realtor could have told me the apartment shit gold and I still wouldn't move off of the Ralph - Broadway Junction stops. It amazes me how people don't learn about neighborhoods or the city's history before moving here.

Ennuipoet said...

I have some dirt from Harlem for sale in the coffee cup that a homeless guy may have peed in on a Subway platform. Only $99.99 plus shipping and handling. Get your dirt now before Irene washes it away!

Product is neither vegan nor vegan friendly.

VisuaLingual said...

The "pay attention while walking" sign is choice. I hope we'll get to see it out in the urban jungle soon; the world needs it.

Bottled Brooklyn? Oh, my goodness. It would be lame enough on its own but, coming hot on the heels of Coney Island boardwalk shards, it's just unfuckingbelievable.

Little Earthquake said...

Whoever is "bottling Brooklyn" is wasting precious land and needs a punch in the nuts. Is it for real? Reminds me of the Artisanal Pencil Sharpening web site.

glamma said...

tears well in my eyes as i read what is happening at the chelsea. thank god you have such a strong stomach to document these things jeremiah. you are fighting the good fight and i hope it will be a small consolation when you win NYC Most Valuable Blogger, a distinction you most certainly deserve.

hoolsa said...

I absolutely ADORE the flower district. There's no place in NYC more stocked with strange ferns, foreign & exotic flowers, driftwood, fake birds and other flower-arrangement tchotchke. For generations, my family has worked in the flower arrangement and specialty plant industry, so naturally I have a warm place in my heart for it.

However, I've noticed within the past year or so that a lot of retailers on 28th are cutting back on their stock, and I no longer see swarms of buyers clogging the sidewalk anymore (for once, this is a bad thing). I think the days are numbered for the most fragrant block in the city, and it kind of kills me.

lauran said...

the brooklyn dirt is conceptual art. none of you got that. it should be sold on the street as many tourists will buy this. it wont do so well on the web. andy warhol did the soup can as a joke & a statement. he said its 25cents in the supermarket, i bet some rich people would spend thousands. he was right. i dont think this dirt thing is that decorative, it should be like 20bucks, thats a magic number in sales. its a quick buy on the street. no one on this blog thought the artist was clever? i do.

VisuaLingual said...

Lauran, I understand the concept behind Bottled Brooklyn. A product can be both clever and ridiculous. As I mentioned, something similar is already being done [and at least that's giving a new life to a piece of Brooklyn that's being replaced].

Anonymous said...

there's a guy that makes souvenir cubes of nyc garbage for cheaper
google nyc garbage cube