Wednesday, August 3, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Before Mars Bar, there was No Se No, a haven for LES artists. [EVG]

Confronting comfort at the BMW Guggenheim "lab." [NMNL]

Visit the "galaxy of neon signs" that once was Chinatown. [NYN]

Chelsea Hotel is officially sold--Real Deal readers rejoice, agree the new owner should "kick all the tenants out." [TRD]

"Your city may be the future of all cities." Let's hope not. I'd like to have someplace to escape to once the soul-murder of New York is complete. [Gothamist]

Seltzer man Walter Backerman spotted in his new truck--see the old truck here:

Today: Rally to save the Bialystoker Nursing Home. [BB]

Tomorrow: Go see Scorsese's wonderful ItalianAmerican, a reminder of the vanished character of Little Italy. [AFA]

August 5 - 9: Check out the Boog City Fest, 5 days of poetry and music.

August 6 - 7: Commemorate the Tompkins Square Park riots in the park with bands, speakers, and more--brought to you by The Shadow. [FB]


Caleo said...

Reading the comments on the Real Deal about the Chelsea sale tells you everything you need to know about the general tone of this city and it's new inhabitants. They LOVE the sale, and HATE everything that the Chelsea represented.
For every one of us who reads and appreciates this blog, there are 100's of well dressed zombies that can't wait for that new roof bar and all the WILD PARTIES BRO.
This town is doomed.
I really mean that. DOOMED.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Caleo, glad you read them. this is really key--that it's not just "normal" economic and cultural shifts that are changing this city, as always, but rather a very pointed and aggressive animosity against the culture of nonconformity that existed here for a very long time.

it's a culture war. and their side is winning.

Claribel said...

Does anyone have any opinions they'd like to share about the Municipal Art Society? They have their 2nd annual summit this October to "to debate the major opportunities and challenges affecting New York City’s livability today." I know, it sounds like it could be another superficial BMW Guggenheim Lab, but given the organization's history, my hope is that maybe this event is an opportunity to generate some heat on the "livability challenges" (understatement) that we so often grapple with on this blog. It is totally naive to hope, I know, but MAS runs livable neighborhoods community planning workshops and I wonder if anyone knows anything about them or has participated in one.

I really don't know why these organizations don't organize focus groups. It's less glamorous, but so much cheaper, direct, and more importantly, so inclusive. If you want to know what this city needs, just ask us!

Grand St. said...

I agree with you guys that those comments are revolting, but a big part of what enables this "abnormal" shift in the zeitgeist is the anonymity provided by blog/website posting (like I need to say this to a blogger).

The Real Deal/Curbed type stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. Ever read the misanthropic, outright racist comments under a Yahoo news story or an online New York tabloid piece? Most of these clowns wouldn't have the stones to talk such jazz if identities were attached.

Jeremiah Moss said...

very true Grand St.

are we seeing sentiment that has always been in the city (i.e., "drown the artists, freaks, and poor people") but did not have a widespread medium for expression? or are we seeing something new? or maybe both--just more of what's always been there?