Friday, August 19, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

I've been nominated for CBS New York's "Most Valuable Blogger" award. Vote for me here.

"I remember The Chelsea Hotel. Sometimes writing things down can make everything a little more bearable." [WIC]

Ozzie's 7th Avenue location in Park Slope to close--the rent is too damn high. [BSr]

Are we about to lose the forlorn little buildings on 3rd between 11th and 12th? (They were once the tallest on their block.) [EVG]

Where are we? Two banks, two cell phones, a tub of fro-yo:

In Bed-Stuy: Stop the eviction of Mary Lee Ward. [O4O] ...At today's rally.

The neon cows of Corona. [LC]

Do you have sidewalk rage? Maybe it's because the sidewalks are more crowded now than in past years. Maybe it's because people don't know how to walk. Robert Selsam proposes a Pedestrian Code of Conduct. $50 fine for not staying to the right! [NYDN]


Marty Wombacher said...

I just voted and hope everyone else does. Good luck and I hope you win. You deserve it for all the fine work you do here.

BrooksNYC said...

Voted! YAY!

: )

Grade "A" Fancy said...

Loved the Post link, but, what, no fines for standing in one spot and talking on the phone/texting? There should be designated spots. Perhaps we should make chalk circles with "phone booth" written inside.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Thanks for the link.

Filmatix said...

Voted, too. Good luck!

As for sidewalk rage, a nice piece on negotiating the ranks of the DLSS Undead here:

Melanie said...

I just voted. YEAH!!!!

Jeremiah Moss said...

good link, Filmatix, thanks

Filmatix said...

I actually just looked closely at the CBS bit on sidewalk rage. WTF--researchers are studying people who get pissed off at these sheep?

This is the world turned upside down. People should be researching hyper-obliviousness and smartphone-addiction-while-walking, or taking Grade A Fancy's sage suggestion to heart.

The "rage" is a legitimate response to these self-absorbed people. If we survive the next century, the douche/douchette walking-and-texting will be featured prominently in the Musuem of Natural History next to the Dodo bird.


Filmatix said...

THAT would be quite the jam. I'm really fond of that original early man display there myself, even despite the fact that it's historically iffy!

I do know some talented folk in the plastic arts, and might have to get on that. I'm sure I also have a couple of people willing to model Male and Female Doucheoisie. Great idea!

lsr said...

J you have my vote. but whats a FRO YO??

Caleo said...

I voted for you. It says come back tomorrow. Do we get to vote again every day until results are tallied ?

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Happy to have voted!
Thanks for the link, & the wrestling/pet funeral-home photograph. Quite a scene!

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks for the votes! Caleo, yes, you can vote again every single day.

Grade A, i was also disappointed the writer of the article permitted walking and text/talking. i like your idea--another art project?

Filmatix, i really want to see this diorama in real life.

OMFS, that wrestling photo is the only one i could find of the pet funeral home. it was in Carroll Gardens. but it's a great, crazy photo in any case.

Anonymous said...

J, I voted for you; hope you win! As I wrote awhile back, historians will turn to your blog when they attempt to figure out what happened to NYC. The mainstream media will be of no use since they do no coverage of the subject.

hoolsa said...

I suffer from sidewalk rage everyday. I guess there's a diagnosis for that now!

Also, voted!

Crazy Eddie said...

I now have two daily internet chores to do. The second is, of course, to Goggle Santorum.

Anonymous said...

Ah the New York City life-Frozen Yogurt, a nice cupcake, serial texting on an iphone or blackberry, and inflated sense of self with vintage clothes and a $3000 a month apartment. Yes, the good Neuvo Yorker.

MagWildWood said...

You got my vote!

My rage has extended to the subway. These same people who can't navigate the sidewalks of New York don't get it with the subway, either:

** They always stand stock-still, ROOTED, on the subway stairs, at the top, doing one or two things (a) talking on their cell phone ;or (b) helicopter parenting (watching their child do or say something)

** They hang back when the subway doors open, as if they don't understand that the doors will be closing SOON. Why are they hanging back, holding up everyone behind them? Because they are texting or because they are deluding themselves that they ar "being polite" by waiting too long and too cautiously until everyone gets off.

I know, I know, I sound like the pushy New Yorker who shoves her way onto the train. I'm not, really. But I do know that the term "step lively!" actually means something practical and useful when you are boarding a train during rush hour.

** They hang back when it's time to get OFF the train. They manage to block the doors and stand stock-still, again, while hordes of people NEED TO GET OFF THE TRAIN before the doors shut!

There should be subwsay-riding licenses ,... a test you have to take before you can ride the train. Not just written,t hough. You have to swiftly get on an off a train, know how to stand on it, so you aren't hogging all the room. YOu cannot sit at a diagonal on the seat and cross your legs as if you are sitting on a sofa at home.

blue glass said...

i voted for you and thanks for your great but sad site

however, what is this multiple voting? vote every day?
it's sort of like the old political system: "vote early and vote often"

good luck and thanks for the memories.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks blue glass. i guess you could vote for me one day and someone else another. there are other good blogs on that list.

Anonymous said...

Litter bugs bother me just as much as the cell phone drones. I saw a thuggy teenage boy toss his candy bar wrapper onto the street on 13th and A today and was thinking what a hypocrite I was because I would have said something to him if he was a yuppy but I was too scared to say something to him because he intimidated me. He was roughhousing with an equally thuggy friend so it was best I kept my mouth shut I guess but I was fuming.

Melanie said...

I voted again today.