Tuesday, August 2, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The Lower East Side used to have things like the Garden of Eden in its vacant lots. Now it has this "curated backyard" you can rent for $50 per hour. [Gothamist]

Patricia Field says: "NYU killed 8th Street." [AN] [via Curbed]

Brooklyn Municipal Building to be given over to big box stores. [Racked]

How to be alone at McSorley's--go early. [LC]

Chelsea's celestial Galaxy Diner, vanished in 2009, has been replaced--by a tapas bar. At least the painted planets still cling to the bricks (for now):

On the short, unhappy life of the Walk Man sculpture. [EVG]

Don't miss Nick Paumgarten's Talk of the Town story about the whole city of lost trunks, filled with the treasures of the dead, in the basement of Stuyvesant Town. (Subscription required.) [NYer]

2nd Avenue Deli headed for Upper East Side. [Eater]

NYC's first 28 subway stations. [FNY]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

$50 to rent a lawn?

You can also be alone at McSorley's on Christmas Eve. Uh, anyone care to join me this year?

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Thanks for the link!

Marty Wombacher said...

"Guests are invited to furnish their private suburban backyard"

Here's an idea, move to the suburbs, then you can have that shit 24/7. I moved here to escape suburban backyards.

I wish I could join you Goggla, but sadly I'll be in Peoria on Christmas Eve (speaking of the suburbs!)

Utherben said...

Is that tapas bar the same El Cid that used to be on 15th St between 8th & 9th? Because if so, that's *good* news - they had awesome sangria and a good atmosphere.

James Taylor said...

That "Curated Back-yard" is possibly the most revolting thing I've seen all week (in a week that's been full of revolting things).

I never went to the Galaxy Diner.