Monday, August 22, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Sunday 8/28: Join David Freeland and Poor Baby Bree for a free historical musical tour of the LES. [PBB]

Cooling off with the Lemon Ice King of Corona. [LC]

"It is an indelible, if sorta pervy, memory: going over to the Bowery loft a couple of doors down from William ­Burroughs’s place to talk to Blondie guitarist Chris Stein about Japanese monster movies and seeing Debbie Harry’s underwear spread out across the uneven wooden floor, half a dozen pairs of panties and maybe a bra or two." [NYM]

Welcome to the mysterious Box House Hotel, just "a used-condom’s toss from the Newtown Creek Waste Water Treatment Facility." [NYS]

San Gennaro Feast to get gourmet offerings. [Eater]

Catching up with Literary Brooklyn. [P&W]

This year, over 40% of thefts in NYC involve cell phones. [RS]

A visit to Chinatown's Wo Hop. [MAD]


laurasr said...

"wo hop" means "sad bunny" & its been there for years. & ive been around chinatown for decades. dining, doing business, shopping, trading gold, massages, herb doctors, even my optican is there! loved those photos. catch the festival of lanterns. in october. its in the park. theres also a dark side..........its the only place left!

Marty Wombacher said...

At 66, Debbie Harry still looks amazing! Good for her!

@laurasr: Glad you liked the photos, I will look for the Festival of l=Lanterns in October for sure!

fjb said...

Hello - this is Franklin Bruno, one of the organizers of the Poor Baby Bree/David Freeland walking tour, scheduled for this Sunday 8/28. Thank you for posting the event. This probably goes without saying, but we have POSTPONED the tour in deference to Hurricane Irene. We will reschedule as soon as possible (probably for 9/18 or 9/15). If J. Moss happens to see this and has a moment to post this information more prominently, we'd be appreciative. Thanks again!