Monday, August 1, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

In case you missed it, anyone know what the hell happened to the Jade Mountain neon sign? It was trucked away on Friday.

Today not a trace remains of the once gorgeous Gordon Novelty Shop:

More on the Chelsea closing: "Part of the allure of the Chelsea, beyond the creepy yet tantalizing feeling that the place is thick with spirits, is that from the inside looking out, New York can still feel gritty." [NYT]

Fox News on the scene with the Chelsea Hotel's plumbing sabotage. [LWL]

Mars Bar regulars continue to gather and hang out on the corner, even though the bar has shuttered. [TGL]

Looking back at the "crucible of...East Village art" that was the Mars Bar. [CR]

BMW Guggenheim local East Village "lab" to feature Neo-Brooklyn food. [EVG]

"21" Club goes for a "casual vibe"
with tap beer and bar stools for the first time in 81 years. Woo-hoo! [Grub]

Justin Davidson mourns a block of the UWS set for destruction: "Cleansing the sidewalks of small establishments changes the rhythms that give Broadway its character... All this human activity so easily drains away. Who wants to promenade where the shop windows offer nothing more than mouthwash and free checking?" [NYM]

Punks, crusties, and Mad Hatters in Tompkins Square Park. [NMNL]

The Upper West Side loses another antiques shop. [WSR]

A look at Patrick Bateman's world--what happened to the NYC of American Psycho? [SNY]

Public performance art alert--fake naked Wall Streeters. [Gothamist]

What Gordon Novelty used to be--in 1976:

Chris Protopapas


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Ugh, that Gordon Novelty photo is shocking...and sad.

Danielle Bennignus said...

Agreed, Goggla - the photo is gut-wrenching - I actually put my hand to my mouth upon seeing it, realizing that Sitt's slash-and-burn policy isn't reserved just for Coney Island. Not only did he strip off the wonderful signage, but completely tore away the beautiful window cornices and framing. I've never seen a person so fond of slash-and-burn policy, seemingly directed at the heartstrings of nostalgics/preservationists. It's astonishing, horrifying...