Tuesday, August 16, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Is the media brainwashing us? Programming the Nation comes to the Quad Friday.

The city's oldest bagel shop felled in part because "Now, people make coffee at home and have a Pop Tart." [CR]

"In New York, they saved" on everything, until they didn't. [Nonetheless]

Jerry's Astor Place newsstand gets a reprieve--for now. The city still wants him gone in November. [EVG]

Hello, elusive white rat of Tompkins Square Park. [NMNL]

Remembering Merlin.


Laura Goggin Photography said...

The mention of hats reminded me of one of your former posts:


Are they still around?

Melanie said...

Jeremiah--if you are at the Flea Market on Ave. A & 11th Street during the weekends--check out my friend Terry. He sells women's and men's hats,scarves,ties and had clothing stores in the East Village back in the bad/good ole days. He was a cab driver and his stories are wonderful and I think he would be a good link to interesting things about the past that are no more. He should really write a book.

BaHa said...

Oh, DAMN. That's where my father used to buy bialies on Sunday morning, and bring them home, hot, in a brown paper bag, with the Sunday papers tucked under his other arm. I would slather my hot bialy with whipped butter (which my grandfather invented, but sadly was deemed not patent worthy), which dripped slowly onto the comics, as I ate and read, stretched out on the royal blue wall-to-wall carpet.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks Melanie--sounds like a cool guy

BaHa said...

Melanie: What's Terry's location in the market?