Friday, October 22, 2010

Village Paper Rises

It's almost Halloween--to celebrate, the Village Paper party store rises from the dead, from the ashes of the fire that consumed it back in February.

Thanks to reader Grand St.'s tip, I checked out the boarded up store on 10th and Greenwich and found a sign stating "The Halloween Party Store" has moved to 8th Street between 5th Avenue and University Place. Indeed, in the former Metro Drugs location, owner Mr. Wong brings a new Halloween shop packed with masks, wigs, rubber body parts, plastic fangs, the works.

Even their signature autopsy corpse made the move! Known to stand in the window every October, the corpse comes complete with its usual twisting serpents and autumn-leaf loincloth--but where's the Zagat Guide that always spilled from its guts?

I don't know if this is a permanent location or a temporary shop for the season, but if you were a fan of Village Paper, go in, say hello, and buy something for tricks and treats.


EV Grieve said...

Do they have Lady Gaga costumes? I'm going as either Lady Grieve or EV Gaga.


And this makes me happy. The part about the store reopening, not my Halloween costume.

Jeremiah Moss said...

i am going as a big cupcake.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Hurrah! I will definitely drop by...I need some snakes for my hair.

Marty Wombacher said...

Glad to see them re-open. I'll stop by, I need some new fangs.

Tricia said...

Happy to find out the party store reopened for Halloween. Will stop by to say hi & buy something kooky.

Happy Halloween, Jeremiah! I will keep an eye out for a walking cupcake

Jeremiah Moss said...

you know i'm not really going to be a big cupcake, right? i'm actually going to be a big artisanal hot dog.

Unknown said...

This is very exciting!
I stopped by last night and Sonny confirmed for me that this location will indeed be permanent!
At the end of the Halloween season, they will be stocking all the paper products and assorted knick knacks that they have been known for.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I stopped in last night to see how things are going. WOW! I would say their inventory is bigger and better than before! They've got everything - cards, every kind of paper imaginable, decorations for every possible event, masks, kitchen items, TOOLS, rubber chickens, stuff for the beach, face paint, office supplies, grass skirts, toys, games, favors, light-up shot glasses, lamps, snakes-in-a-can, hats...I bought a sewing kit. I don't think anyone could go in there now without buying anything. I felt like a happy kid in there.