Monday, October 18, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Yankees super fan Freddy Sez has passed away. [Gothamist]

Change in Brooklyn on Brian Lehrer. [BHS]

The amazing story of Fulton Fish Market Annie. [NYT]

A day of pickles on the LES. [BB]

Brooklynites are weather whiners, says Kansan. [PMFA]

On the LES, life imitates American Apparel:

my flickr

Walking Queens' Main Street. [FNY]

Is the Times' Book Review "contributing to the unfortunate tradition of sexualizing female writers or at least obscuring their work with image"? [RS]

More bicycle backlash. [NYO]

At this weekend's memorial for Michael Shenker. [EVG]

New Yorkers on the street say what they think about $500 socks full of holes. [Racked]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

The story of Shopping Cart Annie really is amazing - what a free-spirit and generous person.

Anonymous said...

J, check out a new book THE BOOMBOX PROJECT. Where are the break dancers of yesteryear?

Wadjet Eye said...

500 dollar socks. Yeesh. I'm more impressed that people are willing to burn their money in this economy.

Anonymous said...

the girls who make those socks were art students. now they do au couture. if they can get $500, why not? they proberly sell wholesale for like $150-$250. to me they look like junk. not too much different than $500 jeans or $200 t shirts, or $1000 haircuts. think of all the gold or real things of value one can buy w/$. but thats their business. theres a customer for everything!!