Friday, October 15, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Bike lane protest tonight. [EVG]

Pee-Wee Herman visits Katz's Deli--likes the Cat Sitter's glasses. [CSIC]

Rare: Big green mohawk spotted on Avenue A. [EVC]

Perusing rare books about New York. [NYT]

VNY Flickr Pool: Galvarez51

Coney's Eldorado bumper car owner dies. [ATZ]

Two Toms, Gowanus treasure reviewed. [Eater]

Bloomberg wants Wal-Marts for the city. [Gothamist]

A subterranean pool hall shutters. [HPS]


LSR said...

where is tony's barbershop? by the building # it looks far uptown. or is it brooklyn? the colors are beautiful really underexposed. who took the photo & is tony's still there??

LR said...

i see its brooklyn sunset park. the door next to it is stunning, & the barbers sign looks very old. then you see the cellular ugly refill sign.