Friday, October 22, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Happy in NYC? "White Manhattanites who make more than $75,000 are the most satisfied." [NYDN]

New York portrayed as evil by politicians' ads: "In one spot, the Statue of Liberty is enveloped by threatening shadows. In others, photos of a Wall Street street sign segue into scenes of corporate types swilling cocktails or puffing cigars, and smug-looking bankers roaming the streets of Manhattan." [NYT]

Mugging-stabbing for iPod on 9th and Ave A. [EVG]

Do not leave your belongings unattended at Whole Foods. [BB]

The complete Metropolis at the Ziegfeld. [NYT]

Budding New York fashionistas: See the tiny monsters our culture turns children into these days. [Gothamist]

Bob Guccione's New York. [CR]

Writers engage in a dive bar brawl. [Grub]


Anonymous said...

Little monsters like that have always existed. This one just got lucky and got on TV.

Melanie said...

I have my pink wig and dominatrix/lingerie look on for Halloween. Fun times ahead!!

hoolsa said...

Wouldn't be surprised if Cecelia Cassini is a relative of the late designer Oleg Cassini. She's insufferable.

LrS said...

could not see the video on my computer. but i went to you tube. saw one when she was 10. adorable, nothing wrong. then i saw a more recent one. didnt like the makeup& earrings. i did that @ 11 for dress up, w/much more makeup & a black evening dress. & yes she was affected, imititating the older girls. but they ALL are like that around that age. i was very pretentious @ 12!! (so ok they are doing that @ 11 or younger, but i didnt find her malicious. i like her). i think the girl has talent. these comments are NOT from creative people. creative children are not the same as those others who will work in the public sector, in offices etc. they belong in hollywood or special schools. i will scan some photos of me @ 8 & 10, decades ago like the 1950s!! curious to see if i belonged in "protective services"?? its the dykes in social service id be afraid of!! the public school teachers, the therapists, the doctors, the scientists, those are the danger. i had the most ignorant "know it all" parents. these comments i read on "nates" site remind me of growing up the way i did. like a drone. i wish i had a stage mother, it took me years to find my voice. she already has hers. & a craft, & she works, she sews, & yes her teacher did sound like an awful person. trying the squash the girls creativity. i had a mean sewing teacher too. & mean art teachers. later she will change as she grows up. i hope so, all this affectation is "tween" stuff. shame on you people for being so mean to her. granted i have not seen the video in question- im sure shes just trying to impress. 11yr olds are not the mecca of maturity.

rsl said...

my previous comment about the child designer-i was referring to gothamist comments that were mean spirited.

Jason said...

About the Whole Foods sign, I grew up in a New York where you always kept your eyes on your stuff or you knew it'd be gone. I don't understand these people who just walk away from a $1,000 laptop to have smoke. Maybe I'm paranoid.