Thursday, October 7, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

The chef at the New Fedora comes from Montreal. [DJ] via [Grub]

"Most New Yorkers, myself included, love pretending we live in a very big small town...We love our delusion of quaintness." [NYT]

Orange rinds in the window of a Chinese laundry in the Village:

Remembering EV community activist Michael Shenker. [EVG]

16 iconic NYC dishes from Lost City Brooks. [Eater]

Pee-Wee Herman takes Manhattan. [Gothamist]

NYC personal income drops first time in 40 years. [CR]

The perils of SUV umbrellas. [Restless]


esquared™ said...

shouldn't the chef from the new fedora come from wisconsin?

i'm gonna start a queens-themed bar in the east village or lower east side.

the bar will serve beer brewed from the queens side of the east river, served by waitstaff (not from queens or new york for that matter--most likely from the mid-west) with fake noo yawk accents and attitude. the bar and tables will be made from triboro, queensboro, and throgs neck bridges and the rockaway beach boardwalk.

If you're a tourist from Madison, Wis., do you think you're going to go to Queens? No.

Jason said...

I absolutely despise those giant golf umbrellas. There's no reason to carry that big of an umbrella in the city you self-centered bastards!

Jill said...

I am here in the East Village surrounded by Wisconsinites who've been here since the early 80's. Well, more honestly, surrounded by the few still here plus the ghosts of the others who've died or moved on.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Jill, please ask them if they want to recreate their hometowns in the EV. i'm curious.

Jill said...

No! They left for a reason, but they don't always stay. One has gone back, one moved to Arizona, one died, one moved uptown, one is in Brooklyn, one is in midtown, at least four we've lost track of, and two are right here.

BaHa said...

My local has two regulars from Wisconsin, two or three Minnesotans, and three from Illinois. But they have long since adapted to here, and have no desire to create a Little Midwest on the Lower East Side. Except for the times that they bring casseroles to the bar...and pretty damned tasty they are, too.

hoolsa said...

I don't care what that woman says in the NYTimes, I would never keep my keys in my mailbox. Maybe she needs to be mugged and burglarized a few times to bring her naive views of NYC to rest.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Re: Brooklyneer...
My advice for tourists: Go to Brooklyn! Go to Queens! Go to the Bronx! Go to Staten Island! Experience these places, or why travel anywhere at all?