Monday, October 4, 2010

Helluva Lot of Beer

Walking around the East Village, loitering outside the many incoming bars and restaurants, you hear things. You get a glimpse of how the mainstream world thinks of this neighborhood.

One morning, a group of suits and younger guys, blue button-down shirt guys, are standing around holding clipboards. Behind them, a new bar is going in. I'm thinking: investors and wunderkind owners. They're talking about the frat bar they will soon unleash onto the East Villagers.

They are looking at numbers. Beer numbers.

Art by Victor Kerlow

Suit says, "That's a helluva lot of beer."

Blue button-down replies, grinning snarkily, "Have you ever been down here at night, on the weekend? Down to Second Avenue? It's unbelievable. Heh-heh. You should come down. You gotta see it. It's incredible."

"It's just a helluva lot of beer."

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KSx said...

I guess a lot of kids are drawn to college in NYC because of Wall Street.

So the Barf Boy / Hurl Girl carousing is just part of their quest to erase any trace of a conscience before they start their banking careers.

Ken Mac said...

i will never understand it

glamma said...

what and where is it? you're skeerin me jeremiah...

Jeremiah Moss said...

three guesses...

esquared™ said...

13th Step
Ninth Ward

And a blast from two yrs. past:
"The neighborhood used to be a bastion for the counterculture, and you feel now like you’re living in Times Square"