Wednesday, October 20, 2010

King Kong & Cupcakes

In this week's New Yorker magazine, funny guy Joe Dator has a cartoon about New York, King Kong, and cupcake shops. He sent it to me, I loved it, and asked him some questions about it. (Also, as a frequent rejectee of the esteemed magazine, I am inwardly thrilled to have helped inspire a New Yorker cartoon.)

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What inspired you to do this cartoon?

Well, aside from being desperate for ideas that day, I can thank JVNY for getting me thinking about the rapid outbreak of cupcake shops in this city. I'd been reading your posts about the cupcake blitzkreig for some time and it seemed like a good starting point for a cartoon. I'm also a huge fan of the original 1933 King Kong, and somehow the two things collided in my head and it made sense. That last bit is the hard part.

I'm always looking for ideas that are New York specific. I live here, and as a native son I feel it's my province to do cartoons that are really about the city. If you look at my track record only a handful have gotten in to the New Yorker, but I'm the most proud of those.

What do you have against cupcakes--aren't they just little dollops of joy and love?

Cupcakes are just a symbol for the shiny Bloomberg-ized, Carrie Bradshaw-defined boutique city New York is turning into. I grew up during the 1970s, when the old New York--"King Kong's New York" if you like--was still very much in evidence, and would be well into the 90s. Like you, I've watched, often in horror, and particularly over the last decade, as the city has been transformed into something nearly unrecognizable and sadly lacking in character.

I certainly have nothing against the cupcakes themselves. Shortly after I handed this cartoon in, I tried a Magnolia cupcake for the first time. It was good. I suppose I could have written "Twas Marc Jacobs killed the beast," but cupcakes was funnier, and it won't get me sued.

New Yorker cartoons have a reputation for being "hard to get." In yours, how exactly did cupcake places kill King Kong? Did he die from eating too many cupcakes or did the presence of so many cupcake shops in the city take away his will to live? Was this a suicide?

I don't get the "I don't get it" thing. It seems to hearken back to an older image of what a New Yorker cartoon is--like some kind of esoteric doodle--but the cartoonists there now are doing, in my opinion, some brilliant and edgy stuff. When I see my contemporaries' work in the magazine these days I see some very sharp, very funny satire. There's nothing not to get. I guess I blame that "Seinfeld" episode, which people are always quoting to me, and I always take great pleasure in telling them that a New Yorker cartoonist wrote it. (Yes, it's true--Bruce Eric Kaplan.)

But to answer your question about how New York being overrun with cupcake shops, and the (designer) baggage that goes with them, can kill a 25-foot-tall ape, it is in much the same way that "beauty" did him in before--by breaking his heart.

Is that too corny? OK, then he slipped on a goddamn cupcake.

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EV Grieve said...

Haha! Classic!

Ed said...

I like this, but New York now HAS character, its just not character I particularly like.

Adam said...

I'm sure the faint praise was meant as a diplomatic gesture, but Magnolia's cupcakes are not good. They are dry, overly sweet, and as needlessly, pertly gargantuan as a designer breast. As such, they may be the perfect emblem for what afflicts our city.

elizabrook said...

I would imagine he slipped on a chocolate-ganache-filled, peanut-butter-frosted banana cupcake, no?

Anonymous said...

We should not forget; the Magnolia should be referred to as: Tippi Hedren's House of Flying Cupcakes! Mr. Hitchcock would advertise it thusly: "The Cupcakes Is Coming!"

Claribel said...

Awwww, poor Kong! In his heart, he was a true New Yorker, for he loved NYC, NYC did not love him... He was the lover, not the beloved, and thus tragedy befell the beast and not the cake.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

BaHa said...

Want this on my wall.

Marty Wombacher said...

That is too cool that you inspired a New Yorker cartoon! I assume it's framed and on the wall, as it should be. Congratulations!

lauren s. said...

i like magnolia. i was confused a few yrs ago when there was a long line. know nothing about sexincity tours. matter of fact didnot get to see the HBO untill last year! hav'nt been to NYC in like 2 yrs. where are these other cupcake places? are they chains? are they lacking in character? (magnolia was not). can people send in pictures of the non character cupcake invaders?? i missed this whole thing. dont come down on the little cupcake, its all in your head. association association....... i have really good memories. we had great bakeries on 'ave J'. why not have a cupcake page? NY is not be the BIG apple, maybe its a LITTLE cake.

Jill said...

Awesomeness follows you.

Daniella Robin said...

This is great!
I have been wondering lately about the infestation of cupcake shops? Each of them trying to be more unique than the other; and like the hipsters, in the process makes them all the more alike.

What gives?

Peace and Love,