Thursday, October 28, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Fedora fans, shield your eyes. A tipster sends in this shot of the old place gutted to the studs, being prepared for her next incarnation:

Good news from commenter Jordon on the rising of Village Paper: "This is very exciting! I stopped by last night and Sonny confirmed for me that this location will indeed be permanent! At the end of the Halloween season, they will be stocking all the paper products and assorted knick knacks that they have been known for. Huzzah!"

Inside Otto's Shrunken Head after the fire. [EVG]

Was this week's shooting on Stanton Street a turf war? [BB]

Great film takes you inside the mysterious and amazing Uranian Phalanstery--go while you still can. [TG]

Balloon shapes for adults only. [SG]

Irony: Whole Foods is hosting an exhibit on the history of the Bowery--which it helped to push forever into the past. [LESHP]

Take a walk from Astoria to Grand Central. [FNY]

Bedbugs add to stress of moving. [WSJ]


Caleo said...

So I thought the new management was going to keep the original interior details at Fedora.
Guess not.

Jeremiah Moss said...

there's nothing of the original place left. i wonder what, if anything, they will put back, like McNally did with Minetta.