Tuesday, October 26, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Enjoy 1966's Unexpurgated New York, the guide to "How to identify a plain-clothes cop. Where to 'peep' and where to go if you want to be 'peeped' at. Which public phones are tapped. Where to buy an eye-patch after midnight." If memory serves, you can find it at the Jefferson Market Library. [VS]

A plain little building turns "Faux-Arts" with Ralph Lauren. [SC]

Happy 55th to the Village Voice. [RS]

NYPD steps up protection of EV awash in "wildings." [EVG]

"Clean" graffiti goes virtual with an app. [BB]

Rezoning Harlem screens tonight at Maysles Cinema. [RH]

David Freeland and others talk about leisure in NYC tonight. [CUNY]

Popular restaurateurs banding together to take down community board "kangaroo courts" standing in the way of their liquor licenses. [Eater]

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sunnydustmote said...

I am a big fan of your blog from Scotland. I am over again visiting NYC and was wondering if you can recommend anywhere I should check out before it is too late? I was last over 4 years ago i can see many changes. Or if we could meet for a drink.....
Thank you for you blog and again I would love you to write a book. Many thanks Viktoria