Friday, March 26, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

In Times Square, girls kiss, lick, pet, and stroke wax figure of movie star. How many do you think made a grab for the package? [MTV]

"Times Square is representative of a basic dilemma New York (and many other cities) faced with de-industrialization--namely, what do you do after you stop making things?" [COS]

Remembering when street art was "furtively spreading like some mysterious guerilla-styled phenomenon with the slight air of menace" and without tie-in merch. [FP]

"High-end bikes" get slashed at StuyTown. [STLL]

1986: "a Beverly Hills person’s idea of what conceptual artists were doing in subterranean performance spaces in Manhattan’s East Village." [DK]

On a Village street: "Not an Idol."


c.o. moed said...

oh dear gawd.

Ken Mac said...

that guy has the nose and jowls of an old man...father figure I guess

Jo said...

On the art work "Not an Idol" the face looks amazingly like Bette Davis. She was in a class of her own. :-)