Wednesday, March 10, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Tonight: Brooklyn Documentary Night at Freddy's Bar...go before it's gone. [FIB]

Chelsea Hotel residents winning so far in battle against bars. [Eater]

Breast-milk cheese mom defends herself. Murray's reviews her flavor: "It was slippery, slightly crunchy and tasted like pickles...thumbs down." [NYP]

Avenue C in 1984. [EVG]

West 19th in 1997. [FP]

The "Vote for Burns" people attack the New Museum and "the platinum coast of downtown Manhattan, formerly known as the Bowery." [LM] & [HyperA]

Check out the pics from Ray's benefit. [SG]

A happy, post-benefit Ray opens shop for the day. [NMNL]

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Anonymous said...

A neighbor once told me that the Magickal Childe location was briefly a gay bar locale. He said this was in the mid-60's when the mayor, Wagner?, was big on closing up gay bars, y'know to make the city safe for tourists. Any truth to this?