Tuesday, March 23, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Billy's Antiques is raided and Billy is taken away in handcuffs by the NYPD--for selling subway signs. This smells like the city wants some juicy property on Houston. So it begins. [NYCB]

In the reality show Brighton Beach, Russki is "the Russian equivalent of ‘guido.’" [NYer]

What if the whole country was Brooklyn? [JMG]

NYU plans to expand--a lot. "In its Washington Square neighborhood, the university will be creating the equivalent in square footage of a little more than the total floor area of the Empire State Building." [NYT] ...And: One of their architects is Grimshaw, creators of the glass-box newsstands.

Will another church become another condo? [BB]

More glass and robots for Elizabeth Street. [EVG]

MOMA declares they have acquired the @ sign for their collection. [MOMA] via Consumed

Uncovering a lost tiki restaurant in Queens. [LC]

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EV Grieve said...

A shame they shut him down on the warmest, nicest day of the year. Billy's was open on Sunday afternoon. In any event, yes —you bet he city wants this choice spot.