Thursday, March 11, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

*Live-blogging the AY protest. [Curbed]

Today: Protest the Atlantic Yards groundbreaking. [PMFA]

Warm up for the protest with the Battle of Brooklyn trailer. [FIB]

In the Atlantic Yards footprint, residents and businesses have been given 30 days to get out. [NYDN]

Sad news for those of us hoping Village Paper would reopen after the fire. A FOR RENT sign appears on the plywood:

When Astor Place was wide open. [FP]

First, Andre Breton quotes, now Diesel's Stupid ads get stuck with price stickers. [BB]

Remembering the Night Owl Cafe. [NYNS]

A scrubbing for the old Tin Palace. [EVG]

The Save Ray's benefit nets $3,000. [Villager]

Destroying Yankee Stadium. [NYT]

Long Island City: Hacking up lungs, drinking OE with straws. [NYS]

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Laura Goggin Photography said...

Time to chain ourselves to the bar at Freddy's. The whole Atlantic Yards situation is heart-breaking and disgusting.