Tuesday, March 16, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Somebody's running around town in a horse-drawn Hummer. [ANY]

When hipster foodies use food stamps for gourmet grub, people get angry. [Salon]

Meanwhile, one local lady sees her dream of weighing 1,000 pounds fizzle. [Gothamist]

The Voice asks us all to stop using the word "hipster." [VV]

Go inside New York’s “women only” Barbizon Hotel [VF]

Getting some lentils at Dual Specialty. [Blah]

Squat the Condos--most timely name for a band--stickers the EV:


VH McKenzie said...

The hipster-food stamp story leaves me speechless.


As the primary breadwinner in my family of 4, I work my ass off paying my bills. We don't qualify for food stamps but we are not wealthy. We struggle, like most middle class families.

These entitled, spoiled brats make my blood boil.

Prop Anon said...

This is not the name of a band
It is the name of my album
"Squat the Condos"
I am an MC, go by Propaganda Anonymous
I hand out stickers at shows and people put them up.

I find the previous comment both interesting and entertaining.
I grew up in New York, and watched the city change even further from a place for working people, both the working poor and the middle class workers, to a continually more elitist city.
Because it is a "global age" NYC is a "global city," leaving most of the people who work hard out here angry, alienated, and alone.

Why NOT Squat these new "Luxury Condos" that were put in by shifty developers, and now no one can seem to afford to live in them.
The are empty.

This is not some little "hipster" joke.
This is the time to think radically about the notion of housing, etc.

I come from a family of workers and immigrants. Every single one of them has struggled to make ends meet.
I've personally worked more labor filled jobs in the city than I care to remember.

"Squat the Condos" is an Artistic Statement said because it is time somebody said it!

Jeremiah Moss said...

Prop Anon, thanks for the clarification. and for putting out your stickers.