Monday, March 1, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Check out Paul Lukas' Permanent Record, a "story about New York during the Depression" told through a treasure-trove of report cards. Do you recognize your grandmother? [UWB]

Extended: The Last New Yorker. And NYT takes a peek. [CR]

Now on DVD, Blank Generation: "a time capsule from pre-Disneynification New York City: sleazy, dirty and most importantly, real." [EVG]

The psychology of moving...and of staying put. [NYT]

Court upholds eminent domain for Atlantic Yards. [Curbed]

Ask a graffiti artist. [CR]

Ray struggles on. [NMNL]

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Barbara L. Hanson said...

For most posters here, I'm guessing that great-grandmother more likely. The DOB on the report card is 1913.