Thursday, March 4, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Visiting Gowanus, "in all its gooey glory." [NYT]

In further branding of what will one day be called "The Bowery District," and then later dubbed "BoDi" (you heard it here first?), McNally creates "Bowery-style" pizza. Will that include a pint of Thunderbird? [Eater]

Meet the woman who saved Little Italy from getting Shacked. [NYP]

Airlines now hyping Mars Bar to tourists. [EVG]

View Coney's Stillwell before Sitt. [ATZ]

3/8: Help Save Ray's at the Theater for the New City. [NMNL]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

What would "Bowery style" food be? Half-eaten,cold and covered in pigeon poo?

Jeremiah Moss said...

exactly! some potential marketing copy:

"What makes our Bowery-style pizza so special? Each of our artisanally crafted slices has been aged to perfection, after a rigorous process of spending the night face-side-down on the sidewalk of the Bowery itself.

This attention to detail means you'll taste a melange of hyperlocal flavors--urine and vomit, both 30 proof, infused with alcohols ranging from the gritty (Thunderbird) to the luxurious (Armand de Brignac). That's the Bowery Style."

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Ha! I walked by last night and your description was all I could think of...gak!

King Ning said...

That's what we used to call a puddle of vomit deposited on the sidewalk outside CB's, back in the late Seventies. I need to sue this bum for copyright infringement.