Wednesday, March 24, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Why is Cafe Colonial closing? It's the McNally Effect. [Grub]

Best bars for babies, aka, "some of the best places to raise a glass while you’re raising your kids." Really? [Eater]

Shiny, happy, plastic people. [NYT]

Faux traffic signs in the EV welcome you to Hell and watch out for golfers. [EVG]

Record Store Day is almost upon us. [Stupefaction]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Who takes a baby to a bar? Does this mean there are job openings for baby-sitters?

chris flash said...

Re Billy's Antiques:

If the MTA has ordered their employee(s) to throw away old signage, those items no longer belong to the MTA. If these items are sold to an antique dealer, collector or whomever, vs ending up in landfill, who the hell is the MTA to use an army of cops to retrieve what is no longer theirs? (Don't the cops feel like asses to be involved with what is, at BEST, a civil matter?)

Lately, cops have been harassing and even arresting vendors at the antique flea market on West 25th Street on weekends. In one case, they gave a man a summons for selling antique bullets. In another, they sent a shill to sell lap tops to a vendor, then arrested the vendor for receiving stolen merchandise!

Doesn't the NYPD have any REAL real crimes to concern themselves with? This is what you get when you have too many cops and too little REAL crime: a POLICE STATE!!