Friday, March 19, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Shows like this make me wish I had cable, just so I could enjoy hating it. [Curbed]

With High Line views, a historic rowhouse grows a $37,500-a-month rooftop tumor--and one blogger is not happy. [AT]

Have your bookshelves, and your brain, analyzed by the New Yorker magazine. [BBench]

Step inside Ideal Hosiery. [Boogie]

John Strong's Freak Museum--home of pickled freaks--gets an unprecedented 3-year lease at Coney. [ATZ]

Peeling paint at the 2nd Ave F station reveals a pair of ancient wheatpaste stickers from Adam Cost:

Look back at the ruins of the East River bandshell. [EVG]

Remembering the old Central Park zoo. [FP]

Ray gets his identity back from the U.S. government. [NMNL]

What to do with Hipster? [CR]

Gowanus Whole Foods site turns into a lake. [FIB]


EV Grieve said...

Love the Cost reveal on the F...

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Re: Selling NY - I remember standing on the corner of Bowery & 4th one morning before that tower was built and a broker standing not two feet from me, telling a woman, "This place is perfect for your daughter! Once we clear out the local trash, this will be the best place to live." I regret not kicking him in the teeth.

Anonymous said...

The High Line is like herpes; it's the gift that keeps on giving. Each time I see it mentioned, I get the feeling that someone, somewhere, regrets those tracks weren't allowed to rust away.

Jeremiah Moss said...

goggla, i wish you had.

Alex in NYC said...

"Once we clear out the local trash..."


Anonymous said...

Googla, I so wish you had been wearing your Nancy Sinatra boots that day ..... and kicked that broker's ugly face in.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I couldn't believe it. I just stood there in shock. I really, really wish I'd said something.