Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Review: Summer 2009

Looking back on the past year at this blog, one season at a time, one day at a time, for one (4-day) week:

Summer started with a heartbreak as Joe Jr.'s closed despite the diner's many fans fighting to keep it alive. I had my last supper there and signed the petition, to no avail. The space remains empty to this day. Also in July, we lost another long-time butcher, the 48-year-old Albert & Sons on the Upper East Side.

Summer throbbed along, the throngs feasted on the East Village like locusts, and the Noise Wars spilled over to Rivington's Thor. Above the new High Line, Standard Hotel guests began showing their genitals to the tourists.

At the end of July, Lee's Laundry was put out of business on West 4th Street--more recently, the same landlord booted Left Bank Books. And in the dog days of August, we heard that Biography Bookshop would be moving out of the west West Village and further east on Bleecker to make room for yet another Marc Jacobs store.

Finally, we got the good news that Christina, formerly of Five Rose's Pizza, was serving her pies in Jamaica--the island, not Queens.

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ev grieve said...

Are the Standard guests still displaying their nether regions during the winter months?