Monday, December 21, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

A little snowstorm couldn't stop the chaining of Freddy's bar in Brooklyn. Angry Santa was there to rattle those chains and announce, "Bruce Ratner has been a very naughty boy for several years and he's not even worth the effort it would take to put coal in his dirty socks!" [FIB]

NYC's forgotten and faded signs. [FNY]

Patti Smith on PBS 12/30. [NYT]

With snow, the EV's Penistrator returns. [EVG]

At H&H, Christmas trees meet bagels on the UWS:

Macy's escalator fire makes me worry about those wonderful wooden escalators. [Racked]

Snow keeps Topless Bike Lane Protest topped. [Gothamist]

Discovering the Heaventree. [FP]

Another old Orchard shop to shutter. [BB]

Remembering Cafe des Artistes and "the air of nostalgia among its older customers, the post World War II immigrants, who like the restaurant’s fabled Hungarian owner, George Lang, came to New York to begin again." [NYT]

Hemorrhoids for Christmas anyone? [NYS]


Anonymous said...
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Jeremiah Moss said...

sorry, no idea how that works! i guess, make it shorter?

Melanie said...

H&H bagels rock always--I was just there too--they had no everything ones tho--got poppy seed and sesame seed-yum-