Tuesday, December 22, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Snowball fight turns Times Square, once an adult playground, into a playground--for children, college kids, and adults expressing their "inner child"--warms the cockles of many a Twitterer. [CR]

After 41 years: "Tell the people. Let it be known... There is no Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem." [NYT]

Snow on the Cyclone. [ATZ]

Denis Hamill imagines a modern-day Scrooge as "a yuppie Realtor in Brownstone Brooklyn." [NYDN] via Curbed

Santa living the Hi-Life:

Old-school hardware store gets boot from NYU property. [EVG]

One London investor went to East Harlem and bought 47 buildings to "ease out its mainly lower-income residents, rehabilitate the apartments and charge a new generation of younger, more affluent tenants substantially steeper rents." Now they're bankrupt and the tenants live with bedbugs, rats, and broken toilets. As one tenant "cuddles his 4-year-old daughter and rats squeak faintly from his kitchen cabinet, he marvels at the habits of the rich." [NYT]

A whole army of cops arrests a guy on Avenue A--maybe for stealing a bike. [NMNL]

As NYC loses firefighters, celebrities move into firehouses. [BB]


Bob Arihood said...

Jeremiah , the arrest seems to have had nothing to do with the bicycle though it was according to some who would likely know stolen .

My best guess here is that the 2 guys likely got into a physical confrontation of some sort with a single cop over some nonsense , perhaps a little beer drinking and attitude on the street ,and the cop called for help . Thus you would see as we did flashing lights and sirens and a half dozen or more cop cars. These were likely all the NYPD units available in the area rushing to a scene to help a cop in trouble .

"Choice" has been having an attitude problem mixed with malt liquor lately. This does not mix well with most others on the street and most especially does not mix well with NYPD on the street .

It is almost impossible to get the whole truth in such situations since many people do not talk about what they saw and know .

Anonymous said...

And of course nothing, absolutely nothing, can be left to stand on it's own. No experience can be experience without being shared, twittered, photographed, emailed, or otherwise displayed, to satisfy the exaggerated, narcissistic, self-absorbed psyche of present day society.

It's truly become frightening.